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Thursday, June 14 (4pm): Russia v Saudi Arabia ITV
Friday, June 15 (1pm): Egypt v Uruguay BBC
Friday, June 15 (4pm): Morocco v Iran ITV
Friday, June 15 (7pm): Portugal v Spain BBC
Saturday, June 16 (11am): France v Australia BBC
Saturday, June 16 (2pm): Argentina v Iceland ITV
Saturday, June 16 (5pm): Peru v Denmark BBC
Saturday, June 16 (8pm): Croatia v Nigeria ITV
Sunday, June 17 (1pm): Costa Rica v Serbia ITV
Sunday, June 17 (4pm): Germany v Mexico BBC
Sunday, June 17 (7pm): Brazil v Switzerland ITV
Monday, June 18 (1pm): Sweden v Korea Rep ITV
Monday, June 18 (4pm): Belgium v Panama BBC
Monday, June 18 (7pm): Tunisia v England BBC
Tuesday, June 19 (1pm): Colombia v Japan BBC
Tuesday, June 19 (4pm): Poland v Senegal ITV
Tuesday, June 19 (7pm): Russia v Egypt BBC
Wednesday, June 20 (1pm): Portugal v Morocco BBC
Wednesday, June 20 (4pm): Uruguay v Saudi Arabia BBC
Wednesday, June 20 (7pm): Iran v Spain ITV
Thursday, June 21 (1pm): Denmark v Australia ITV
Thursday, June 21 (4pm): France v Peru ITV
Thursday, June 21 (7pm): Argentina v Croatia BBC
Friday, June 22 (1pm): Brazil v Costa Rica ITV
Friday, June 22 (4pm): Nigeria v Iceland BBC
Friday, June 22 (7pm): Serbia v Switzerland BBC
Saturday, June 23 (1pm): Belgium v Tunisia BBC
Saturday, June 23 (4pm): Korea Rep v Mexico ITV
Saturday, June 23 (7pm): Germany v Sweden ITV
Sunday, June 24 (1pm): England v Panama BBC
Sunday, June 24 (4pm):  Japan v Senegal BBC
Sunday, June 24 (7pm):  Poland v Colombia ITV
Monday June 25 (3pm): Uruguay v Russia ITV
Monday June 25 (3pm): Saudi Arabia v Egypt ITV4
Monday June 25 (7pm): IR Iran v Portugal BBC
Monday June 25 (7pm):  Spain v Morocco BBC
Tuesday, June 26 (3pm): Denmark v France ITV
Tuesday, June 26 (3pm): Australia v Peru ITV4
Tuesday, June 26 (7pm): Nigeria v Argentina BBC
Tuesday, June 26 (7pm): Iceland v Croatia BBC
Wednesday, June 27 (3pm): Korea Rep v Germany BBC
Wednesday, June 27 (3pm): Mexico v Sweden BBC
Wednesday, June 27 (7pm): Serbia v Brazil ITV
Wednesday, June 27 (7pm): Switzerland v Costa Rica ITV 4
Thursday, June 28 (3pm): Japan v Poland BBC
Thursday, June 28 (3pm): Senegal v Colombia BBC
Thursday, June 28 (7pm): England v Belgium ITV
Thursday, June 28 (7pm): Panama v Tunisia ITV 4

ROUND of 16

Match Day Date KO Team/Group Channel
Saturday, June 30 (7pm): 1A v 2B ITV
Saturday, June 30 (3pm): 1C v 2D Pick 2: ITV
Sunday, July 1 (3pm): 1B v 2A Pick 3: BBC
Sunday, July 1 (7pm): 1D v 2C Pick 4: ITV
Monday, July 2 (3pm): 1E v 2F Pick 5: BBC
Monday, July 2 (7pm): 1G v 2H Pick 6: BBC
Tuesday, July 3 (3pm): 1F v 2E Pick 7: ITV
Tuesday, July 3 (7pm): 1H v 2G Pick 8: BBC

Friday, July 6 (3pm): Winner of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 2 BBC
Friday, July 6 (7pm): Winner of Match 5 vs Winner of Match 6 BBC
Saturday, July 7 (3pm): Winner of Match 7 vs Winner of Match 8 ITV
Saturday, July 7 (7pm): Winner of Match 3 vs Winner of Match 4 ITV


Tuesday, July 10 (7pm): Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2 ITV
Wednesday, July 11 (7pm): Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 BBC
Saturday, July 14 (3pm): Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2 ITV


Sunday, July 15 (4pm): Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 ITV and BBC

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