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You can receive a variety of different error messages when trying to connect to View TV Abroad, instead of going into detail on each error message we have simplified this, if you are getting any error message between 700-820 please follow the step by step guide below;


  1. Log off your computer and log back in again and try again
  2. Try one of the other servers available to you, go to the properties of the View TV Abroad Connection Manager and if you are trying to access UK TV change the server to either UK1/UK2 or UK3, if you have manually installed change the server address to either EU4/EU5 or EU6. If you are trying to access US TV change between US1 or US2 or change the server address to US or US2.
  3. Un-install and re-install the connection - to un-install simply delete your desktop icon and to re-install simply go back to our set-up page on our website for instruction
  4. The error messages are often caused by something blocking your connection, this could be one of the following;

a)Your Firewall on your computer.

b)A Firewall on your router.

c)By your internet service provider.

All three of these issues are rectifiable, we would normally recommend that you initially disable your local Firewall, this will be a product like Norton, MaCafee's or AVG. Follow the step by step instructions below;

    • You are a Windows user so your operating system comes standard with a Windows Firewall, go to System and Security under Control Panel and ensure this is switched on. (The Windows Firewall does not block our connection and provides adequate protection for your computer)
    • Find your Anti Virus/Firewall software under 'all programs'.
    • Within the software look for the Firewall settings and disable the Firewall.

Test to see if the connection now works, If no, then it is likely to be one of the other reasons, these are more complicated to resolve but are resolvable. Before you do this we recommend you install our OPEN VPN connection that works around these issues and will prove that it is one of the above causing the problem, go to our set-up page to get instruction on how to install OPEN VPN.

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