Linux Open VPN SetUp

Linux OpenVPN set up

Please follow these instructions

  1. Install the latest OpenVPN package (depends on your Linux distribution).

  2. Download the OpenVPN configuration files.

  3. Unzip all *.ovpn files (each file is for one VPN server). For example to your HOME directory.

  4. Open terminal as a ROOT and change to directory which contain previously unzipped files.

  5. Then start your openVPN connection in terminal using for example this command (uk server): openvpn --config eu4_united_kingdom.ovpn

  6. Enter your Account details - your User name and Password.

  7. If you can see the message "Initialization Sequence Completed" your openvpn connection is established.

  8. You can now start watching UK & US TV by first making sure you are connected to one of the UK servers (for UK TV) or one of the US servers (for US TV) and then selecting channels and services form the channels page.

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