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If you are experiencing any problem with connecting to View TV Abroad or having problems with slow connection speeds causing buffering we recommend doing the following;

You have SEVEN UK servers to choose from, if you are having problems on one we recommend you try changing to another server to see if you get any better results.

Depending on what computer device you are using to access View TV Abroad depends on how you change this;

1) Windows Computer (You used the easy installer)
Go to your orange desktop TV icon on your desktop and double click on the connection manager. You will see a box saying properties, click on this and change between UK1, UK2, UK3, UK4, UK5, UK6 or UK7 - If you do not have all these options it may be because you are using an older installer - go to our setup page to download the latest installer for your operating system -

2) Windows machine with a manual install
Go to properties of the connection manager and change the server address to one of the following,,,,,, or

3) Mac installation
Click on the Apple icon at the top of your screen. Go to System Preferences and then click on Network and select your View TV Abroad Connection, change the server address to either,,,,, or

4) iPad or iPhone installation
Go to SETTINGS on your device. Go down to GENERAL and click on it then go to VPN. Click on this and you will see your View TV Abroad with a tick next to it.  Click on the (i) button & click on EDIT.  Click on SERVER & change the server address to either,,,, or

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