TV Pix Week 24th June 2013

Long Lost Family
Monday 24th, 9pm, ITV
This program never fails to move with the help of hosts Davine and Nicky and their genuine sensitivity ….This episode we see Wendy, after a 20 year search, reunited with her father, an American sailor who was thrown out of the country which then ended the relationship with Wendy’s mother and the second tear-jerking story features Helen who, under serious pressure from her proud father, gave her son up for adoption 35 years ago. Helen was only 17 years old when she had him, and she has never since stopped thinking about, or looking for, her baby. .

All week, BBC
For the first time since 1937, this Wimbledon will contain a British men’s singles competitor with a major title under his belt. How will it play out? Will Andy Murray’s 2012 US Open triumph relieve the pressure or ratchet it up? One thing is for sure, though: men’s tennis has rarely been this ferociously competitive. And it’s surely never been more spectacular, the return of the Duracell bunny of the baseline, Rafa Nadal, merely adds to the sense of anticipation. The women’s competition is probably too predictable to be truly essential viewing at the moment, it’ll be a surprise if anyone arrests the progress of the incomparable Serena Williams. Strawberries and Pimms at the ready…we can’t wait!

Friday 28th – Sunday 30th, BBC
Glastonbury is back and, as usual, the Beeb is rolling out the red (button) carpet. Look out for festi-favourite Dizzee Rascal (9pm,BBC3), preceded by Professor Green (8pm) and Jake Bugg and Rita Ora (7pm). Over on BBC2, there’s a highlights package at 10pm followed by live coverage of the Arctic Monkeys’ headline set at 11pm. And hang around for a glimpse of Portishead, Chic, the Horrors and Sinead O’Connor, although disco lovers will be able to catch the whole of Chic’s set over on BBC4 at 11.05pm.
On Saturday, we begin at 4pm on BBC2, but the real action is over on BBC3 where there’ll be a chance to see Laura Mvula and Noah and the Whale (7pm), Ben Howard and Maverick Sabre (8pm), Two Door Cinema Club and Example (9pm) and Chase and Status (10.30pm). BBC4, meanwhile, offers the mighty Public Enemy at 10.55pm.
There is so much more but if you haven’t got a ticket you can watch it all!

Zero Hour
We are sure you’ll remember Anthony Edwards from ER not too long ago, and now he’s set to take on the world of television again with ‘Zero Hour‘. In the show, he returns – along with a dynamic ensemble cast – to this dramatic adventure thriller, as Hank Galliston, a man who’s questioning everything and everyone he ever believed in – including himself. If you’re a fan of Prison Break then you’re sure to want to check this out as Paul Scheuringhas created and written this brand-new series. You can catch up with all the episodes on hulu and our US servers.

The Tour de France
From Saturday 28th June, ITV & Eurosport
The 100th Tour de France begins this Saturday. Starting in Corsica, 198 cyclists will roll away from the start line with 3,000km ahead of them, through some of the most brutal and picturesque terrain Europe has to offer. Twenty-one stages over three weeks, with just two rest days among the chain-slips, crashes, saddle sores and terrifying descents: it should be enthralling viewing.

Alongside the excellent and comprehensive coverage, our recent love-in with all things spoked could make this the biggest annual sporting event on the planet. After the major successes of Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish and Team Sky in the last few years, the Tour de France is becoming as major a televisual occasion over here as it is in Continental Europe.

Although Wiggins is absent through injury, last year’s runner-up Chris Frome is favourite, with former doper and ex-champion Alberto Contador his main rival. Expect this race to twist and turn like an Alpine ascent to the very last Saturday.

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TV Pix Week 17th June 2013

Scientologists at War
Monday 17th,9pm, C 4
Scientology, that secret society full of A-list celebrities but that we but know little about. A documentary promise to explore the Scientology movement and give us some insight as to what its all about. This has to be a must watch for the week!.

First Dates
Thursday 20th, 9pm, C4
Tonight is the first episode of a restaurant-set dating series. A number of willing candidates go on a blind date with the cameras rolling, filming every little embarrassing thing! It is sure to get you cringing, laughing and even screaming at the TV set! You can even take part in the show as its interactive, if anyone takes your fancy you go log on and get involved! It’s fun and definitely worth a watch, kind of like the Apprentice meets Blind Date!

East Los High
Missing The Vampire Diaries? Well we can’t promise you Damon or Stephan but it’s a new series that ill hile away the time till they come back to us! East Los High is a drama about the lives of teenagers growing up in East Los Angeles. We follow the life of Jessie, a geeky junior at East Los High, in a working class Los Angeles neighbourhood. Jessie an only child in a single parent Latino household, busy preparing for college and fantasising about her crush on Jacob. Then along comes Maya, Jessie’s cousin, a runaway with a troubled past who moves in! The usual trial of teenage life but this series is kicking up some great reviews in the US so this I on our list to watch this week!

The Voice, The Live Final
Saturday 22nd, 7.15pm, BBC1
Twelve weeks of great talent, fine tuning, pitch perfecting and reality-show soul searching, its here at last the final! This Saturday sees one of 2013’s last four contestants crowned the second-ever winner, bagging £100,000 and a record deal.

Talent and TV fame doesn’t directly translate into superstardom, as last year’s champion, Leanne Mitchell, knows all too well. Her debut album entered at a cringeworthy No 134 in the UK Album Chart last month and the Suffolk singer has yet to announce a tour. But, dubious credibility and disappointing alumni aside, the final is a dead cert for entertainment.

The White Queen,
Sunday 23rd, 9pm, BBC1
Series one, episode two
This summers must watch BBC1 drama, based on Phillipa Gregory’s bestselling historic novel ‘The Cousins at War’. The backdrop is the War of the Roses and the story, the women caught up I the long-drawn-out conflict for the throne of England. Starting in 1464, the nation has been at war for nine years fighting over who is the rightful King of England the house of York or the house of Lancaster.

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TV Pix Week 10th June 2013

Monday 10th,10pm, C 4
Series one, episode one
David’s a straight-talking northerner, Mia a too-cool-for-school Londoner: a match made in hell, surely? The excellence in Bryan ‘Skins’ Elsley’s script (as is indeed the case with most of the nine instalments in this run of short two-handers) lies in the way it wrongfoots us as much as it does the characters themselves.

Will Mellor and Oona Chaplin play the pauses of a first date beautifully, as the initial fireworks fizzle out into resentful silence. But then, unexpectedly, this combination of wounded integrity and brittle passive-aggression begins to gel and, if even if we don’t exactly root for them, our interest in their fates is certainly piqued. A smart idea, cleverly executed. Chaplin will be back as Mia at 10pm on Wednesday…

Coronation Street
We don’t very often highlight any of the soaps on our TV Pix, but we really felt we had to give this one some credits. Coronation Street has won even more awards this year for its hard hitting story lines and they just keep coming. This week David Platt finds out about Kylie cheating on him with his brother Nick after deciding to surprise her with a bunch of flowers and overhears her expressing a desperate hope that her baby will be David’s and not Nick’. David is left in a state of shock and torment and heads out finding himself in a dangerous position…will he jump? This week looks to be just as ‘edge of the seat’ dramatic as other weeks.

The Call Centre
Tuesday 11th, 9pm, BBC3
Based at Swansea’s third largest Call Centre this documentary takes an hilarious look at how it all works! This week is the second episode and there are no dead eyes or insincere smiles here with the constant distractions of office politics, dates, morale boasting schemes, auditioning to find the voice of Wales’ call centres! All thoroughly entertaining!

Confessions of an Alien Abduction
Thursday 13th, 9pm, C4
This is a crazy documentary about a call centre who provide support for victims of Alien Abduction…yes you heard it Alien Abduction! The support group is called Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline.
About four times a year, and rather to the chagrin of his wife, Simon has sex with an alien being he calls the Cat Queen. Marie suspects her DNA has been altered during an alien abduction. Finally Chantelle has been taken by ETs on thousands of occasions, often while chowing down on a KFC meal.
There are a few laughs but it becomes apparent that their claims are often routed in some deep personal trauma. An interesting watch.

The Voice
Saturday 15th, 7pm, BBC1
We have loved this year’s display of real talent. It’s not about looks or stories or drama it is really about the VOICE! Last year’s winner only sold 900 records and this year’s ratings have dropped but a series 3 has been commissioned, we hope now that BGT has finished may be this last couple of weeks will get more viewers. This Saturday is the semi-finals and it’s all to watch and vote for because now it’s our turn to decide who gets to carry on singing! The viewer’s choice!. Each judge has just two singers left. Who are you going to call for?

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TV Pix Week 3rd June 2013

Mad Dogs
Tuesday 4th,9pm, Sky 1
Series three, episode one
Mad Dogs; Crazy, funny, unbelievable….but WE LOVE IT! The lads are now in prison in the middle of the desert! What will happen next? We really have no clue!!!!! This is the third and final series and we will be glued to our screens for it!

The Unspeakable Crime, Rape
Tuesday 4th, 10.35pm, BBC1
Set in Manchester at St Mary’s, the first sexual referral unit where specially trained staff counsel and support victims of rape as they seek justice and try to move on. Juliet and Kellie are the focal points of the documentary: the former was attacked while drunk on New Year’s Eve, while the latter is a sex worker with a history of drug use. This documentary is harrowing but it destigmatises the victims and champions the support work of this incredible unit.

D-Day as it Happens
Wednesday 5th, 9pm, C4
A 24 hour event chronicles the Normandy landings in real time across TV, mobile devices and the web. The idea is to bring to life the experiences of seven people who were at the heart of the invasion via the magic of twenty-first-century technology.  Tonight’s first programme will tell the backstories of the participants, among them a paratrooper, a submariner, a nurse and a cameraman. Twitter lover and professional enthusiast Jon Snow presents this enterprise which will conclude this time tomorrow.

Thursday 6th, 9pm, C5
Ridley and Tony Scott’s modernised retelling of Robin Cook’s thriller is spooky and keeps tensions high! Atlanta medical student Susan Wheeler (Lauren Ambrose of ‘Six Feet Under’) investigates why so many patients are falling into comas during routine operations – and what’s going on at the secretive medical facility to which they are then dispatched.  Ambrose’s performance keeps us on the edge of our seats always guessing which is involved in this shady affair!

The Pinned
Sunday 9th, 9pm, C4
A pinned and mounted butterfly comes alive. An old man looks surprised and alarmed to hear a knock at the door. And a bus full of children plunges over a cliff. But in the small Alpine village of this new French drama, all bets are off. The dead are returning. Not in a hysterical way – in the case of teenager Camille, it’s very matter of fact. She’s confused and tired but most of all, she’s hungry.  How will the bereaved families react? Mostly with confusion of their own.
It’s strange, outlandish but classy and weirdly believable! We are intrigued!

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TV Pix Week 27th May 2013

Britain’s got Talent
All this week starting at 7.30 Monday, ITV
It’s our turn to say who goes and who stays!!!! A whole week of judges, laughs and cringes and lots of entertainment. We can’t wait!! Watch al the action live on or of course on catch up! Who’s your favourite?

Edward, The Lion King
Monday 28th, 9pm, C4
This fantastic documentary focusses on the infamous Edward VIII, but it focuses on the lesser known exploits of the Prince in Africa and his passion for conservation. He was appalled by the routine slaughter of African safaris, so he exchanged the gun for a camera and began documenting the Serengeti and successfully campaigning to establish a national park there. A compelling look into the dying decades of African colonialism which unarguably casts new light on this familiar monarch!

Words of Everest
Tuesday 28th, 10.35pm, ITV
This documentary tells the dramatic tales of two expeditions, 29 years apart and with very different outcomes. The wise words of Edmund Hillary and the doomed George Mallory and the words of those around them are brought vividly to life by actors such as Hohn Hannah and Jason Flemming, with dramatic camera footage really transports us into the drama…. so much more than just a documentary its really is a must watch for anybody who has even a passing interest.

The Iraq War
Wednesday 29th, 9pm, BBC2
Episode one
‘Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.’ This sentence, spoken by George W Bush, introduces this three-part series covering the build-up, hostilities and aftermath of the war in Iraq. No nuance, no possibility of compromise, no shades of grey; just an absolute, pig-headed determination to manipulate the facts to fit a particular agenda.
‘The Iraq War’ is a product of the Brook-Lapping stable, also responsible for ‘The Death of Yugoslavia’ and ‘Iran and the West’, among other landmark series. And, in the customary Brook-Lapping style, its strength is its thoroughness. All the heavy hitters are here, from Cheney to Blair; from Kurdish generals to Iraqi security ministers.
Tonight’s episode focuses on the dodgy dossiers, 45-minute warnings and ‘cheese-eating surrender-monkeys’ of the war’s birth pangs.

The Americans
Saturday 1st June, 10pm, ITV
Series one, episode one
This is a gripping thriller takes us into the lives of two married spies; Philip and Elizabeth Jennings (Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell) who have been undercover in the States for almost two decades, juggling Kremlin diktats with two kids and suburban family life. Then Philip’s loyalties begin to waver, especially when an FBI agent (Noah Emmerich) moves in over the road and a game of cat and mouse begins…
The balance of tension, melodrama and action is well-judged, while the era is effectively evoked without being fetishised. Missing Homeland then this is one to watch this week!

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TV Pix Week 20th May 2013

The Fall
Monday 20th, 9pm, BBC 2
Fantastically strange disturbing drama where you see the dark handsome, highly functional, normal, alluring but frightening murderer from the start then along comes Dana Scully, sorry Gillian Anderson, hard, cold hearted with an English accent, piecing together the very small amount of information to find him before he strikes again! We are drawn to each of the characters, whilst showing us exactly what, how and why the killer works, lives and kills while the cops wait for the next bit of evidence to help them piece together everything we already know! Monday is the second episode catch up with last weeks and make this a must watch for this week.

Branded a Witch
Monday 20th, 9pm, BBC3
Democratic Republic is tough, civil war, poverty, disease and now Pastors encouraging their flock to blame the troubles on their young by accusing them of witchcraft if they wet their bed or have nightmares. Of course ‘deliverance’ is offered but for a price! This documentary is brought to us by London raised, Congo born, Kevani Kanda, whose own cousin has been ostracised because of witchcraft claims. This is a shocking watch which seems to be travelling further where family members are exorcised and even murdered….this documentary may well stay with you for days.

Tuesday 21st, 9pm, BBC1
Bored of tall the hard hitting complex dramas on our screens at the moment? Want to watch something a little more twee but still good quality then Frankie is for you. This six-parter follows the life of a district nurse juggling her own problems with those of her patients. Tonight’s second episode sees the headstrong Frankie (Eve Myles) dealing with the discovery of her boyfriend’s infidelity, whilst continuing to become personally involved in the lives of her patients.

Clare Balding’s Secrets of a Suffragette
Sunday 26th, 9pm, C4
A slight woman steps out in front of the king’s horse at the 1913 Derby and is sent head over heels to her death. But did Emily Davison really mean to target that horse, and was it genuinely intended as a suicide mission to drive the Suffragette cause forward?
Clare Balding makes a decent fist of uncovering Davison’s motives. She certainly does her homework, using snazzy new technology to reconcile different newsreel footage, researching newly uncovered evidence and enduring a slightly painful lunch with her own bluff, conservative family of horse-lovers (who think Davison was mad). One hundred years on, it’s hard now to believe the violence employed on both sides, and Balding’s incredulity at all the brutality brings the history to compelling life.

Case histories
Sunday 26th, 8.30pm, BBC1
This Kate Atkinson style of writing and storytelling is captured perfectly in Emily Ballou’s screen play….this whodunit drama of an initially straight forward case of adultery takes a sinister turn for PI Brodie (Jason Isaacs). This is a definite must for all Crime drama lovers, a warm emotional drama brilliantly acted leaving the viewer very satisfied!

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TV Pix Week 6th May 2013

The Following
We know this has featured once already, OK may be twice, on our TV Pix but it has been such a gripping series with the totally mesmerizing duo Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. Tonight we catch up with the final episode on Hulu and it is all going on!!!! Ryan walks into a trap, Debra running out of oxygen, Clare wakes up by the ocean, Joe, not so patiently, waiting for Ryan to show up….and the final confrontation…..who will win out. We can’t wait till the working day finishes and we can catch up later!

The Apprentice
Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th, 9pm, BBC1
Last season seemed to be running out of steam, predictable candidates, the usual task getting a bit stuffy and insufficiently varied. This season has seen a change in format with candidates having to volunteer for PM in the boardroom, better tasks and an all-round better casting. This year could see the programme return to it is entertaining, back stabbing, ridiculous incompetence that we have grown to love from this series over the years. Definitely worth a watch!

The Pavement Psychologist
Thursday 9th, 9pm, Sky Arts
We are loving this second series of Playhouse, an innovative thought provoking ensemble of short stories. We adore Edirs Elba! Put the two together and this is our absolute MUST watch for the week. The Pavement Psychologist is Elba’s writing and directing debut. This sexy psychological thriller takes us into the life of Jenny, a women looking for satisfaction! She is a private banker whose life is turned upside down by Chris, a broken man made homeless by a house fire which took the lives of his family. This is a stylish, urban fairytale of desire and frustration. Starring Anna Friel, Nonso Anozie and Steven Mackintoshwist.

Life of Crime
Friday 10th, 9pm, ITV
We loved the Ice cream girls and were at a bit of a loss when it ended until we saw the next ITV Friday night drama offering. Life of Crime is a three-part drama series about a policewoman who battles against sexism and prejudice as she rises through the ranks of an ever-changing force. In 1985 Denise Woods joins the Metropolitan Police, young and idealistic, this changes the night she meets 15 year old Amy Reid who is raped and killed the next day. The investigation hits a brick wall and Denise takes matter into her own hands.

British Television Academy Awards
Sunday 12th, 8pm, BBC1
This year British Television has given us some amazing and diverse programming. This year’s nominations includes, The London 2012 Olympics, Twenty Twenty, Super Saturday, Homeland, The Great British Bake Off, Games of Thrones, Call the Midwife and soooo much more. Glamour, Stars, red carpet, drama……. great Sunday night viewing!

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TV Pix Week 29th April 2013

TV pix!
29th April 2013

Monday 29th April, 9pm, ITV

This new sitcom with the legendary actors Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi promises to be filled with laughs. Ian McKellen plays Freddy, a once budding actor and his partner Stuart a barman when they met, played by Derek Jacobi. Their life consists of walking the dog, reading books and bickering! The show is full of easy laughs and quality acting, a definite one to watch this week.

Archaeology: A secret History
Tuesday 30th April, 9pm, BBC4

This refreshing look back into history is new and exciting with Dr Richard Miles holding our hand exploring how archaeology worried cardinals, questioned which animals made it to the ark and dropped a bombshell on creationism. At the heart of the series is how the tensions began to develop between sanctioned belief systems and the unknowable futures and pasts of science.

There is always lots happening in Eastenders and here is a rundown as to what to expect this week…….Sharron steals more painkillers from Tanya and Lola threatens to spill the beans on her addiction, Ian is in more strife AGAIN!, Michael plans to flee with Scarlet and Alfie and Roxy trying for a baby? This is the soap to watch, Eastenders has been tipped to win the top award at this year’s British Soap Awards.

Nelson’s Carabean Hell hole
Wednesday 1st May, 9pm, BBC4

Antigua an Island paradise, not in Horatio Nelson’s time! After the devastation of Hurricane Earl in 2010, hundreds of ancient bones were suddenly exposed on Antiguan beaches.  Subsequent skeletal excavations and investigations is the starting point for naval historian Dr Sam Willis, who describes the grim predicament of sailors like Nelson as they guzzled lead-poisoned grog, floated in a sea full of sewage and wilted in heat that would turn fresh fruit rancid. This is an engaging documentary that brings to life the times gone by in this little corner of the world.

The Politcans Husband
Thursday 2nd May, 9pm, ITV
This week its episode two and after his public humiliation, David Tennant’s wounded MP Aiden Hoynes tries to re-establish control over Freya, his rising-star wife (Emily Watson), in new, unpleasant ways: by tweeting anonymously, inveigling his way on to a key parliamentary committee and committing borderline sexual assault…..but how will Freya react, is this her time to shine and step out of the shadows? Westminster is depicted as a snake pit with sexual predators and all fighting for supremacy. We were drawn in by last week’s episode and are going to tune in this week to see if it offers an edge of your seat, political drama that we are hoping it will be.

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TV Pix Week 22nd April 2013

Game of Thrones
Monday 22nd April, 9pm, Sky Atlantic
This week airs the 4 episode of the 3rd series and WOW it doesn’t let up! The strategic complexity continues and this week it’s all about the pawns; Margaery Tyrell moves incrementally future husband Joffery around her little finger. Varys digging for information Sana Stark and The Black Watch dug in at Craster’s Keep and Theon gets into even more trouble! We are only saved by the doom and desperation with the sun of Astapor where Danys Targaryen amasses her army to make her move on Westeros.
Not sure on all that’s going on? Catch up now with Sky Go.

The Great Bear Stakeout
Wednesday 24th April, 9pm, BBC2
We are in Alaska and the grizzily bears have woken from hibernation and are hungry! This two part documentary follows the bears from awakening, to finding food, reconnecting with the world and some touching moments of bear cubs being cared for and protected by their mothers. Beautifully shot and edited with the added bonus of the dulcet tones of Billy Connelly and his subtle humour breaking through from time to time!
First episode on this week watch live or on catch up with BBCiPlayer.

Thursday 25th April, 9pm, Sky Arts
Playhouse presents ‘Snodgrass’ an adaptation of the short story by Ian R McLeod. This beautifully simple, human drama brings to an alternative reality where John Lennon left the band on the cusp of its greatness. We meet John in a Birmingham scratching a living in dead-end jobs. Ian Hart’s portrayal of Lennon is humouress and moving with great attention to detail and captures with intense emotion of disappointment and regret. One most definatley to watch. Episode Two shows this week…catch up with episode one on Sky Go now.

The Ice-cream girls
Friday 26th April, 9pm, ITV
This three part thriller set in Brighton may not be as edge of your seat gripping as Broadchurch, but its mixture of innocence, pain and passion is never this less captivating. Teenage friends Poppy and Serena for one Cranberries- sound tracked summer in 1995 have taken a dramatically different course. 17 years on Poppy has just been released from prison for killing a seedy Maths teacher, a crime she vehemently denies while Serena has married a doctor, has a daughter and left Brighton behind. The two, unexpectedly, become reunited and flashbacks of that fateful summer and what really happen become apparent.
Episode Two airs this week so you have all week to catch up with episode one on ITV player.

The Village
Sunday 28th April, 9pm, BBC 1
This new BBC drama really is one of its best over recent months. Stellar performances by John Sims and Maxine Peak take us back to First World War England and a small village trying to come to terms with what is happening to their young men and how to cope without them. Last Sunday’s episode showed the villagers trying to continue on with normal life while, unbeknown to them but with rumours flying, the Battle of the Somme had started. In the next episode the Middleton’s hardship continues, during a short leave from the fighting Grace knows there is something wrong with Joe despite him desperately trying to conceal his shell shock from his family whilst Bert, unwittingly, exasperates the problem.
Catch up with all the episodes and watch live the next one with BBCiPlayer.

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TV Pix Week 4th March 2013

TV pix!

4th March 2013


May Day

Monday 4th,9pm, BBC1

A 14 year old girl disappears on her way to the village May Day parade. More than just a crime drama this five part drama explores the relationships between the villagers of this normally idyllic little place and how a devastating act affects the whole community. This week the second episode airs, catch up on iplayer if you missed the first part on Sunday.


The Crash

Tuesday 5th, 9pm BBC3

The Crash is an emotion two part drama starting six months before a devastating car crash involving a group of normal happy teenagers. This first episode explores their lives, the typical teenage dramas of insecurities, awkward romances and developing friendships. Next week’s episode is sure to be heavy hitting and emotionally hard culminating in the crash itself.


Barack Obama: Great Expectations


Barack Obama was historically elected in 2008 and rarely had expectations been so high with so many obstacles ahead. The new President had to confront major crises, economic collapse being a major one, as well as an opposition wildly determined to discredit him and destroy his agenda. This insightful two part drama, with exclusive footage inside the White House, investigates and gives a balanced and fair review on the Presidents first term in office.


Comic Relief’s Big Chat with Graham Norton

Thursday 7th, 7pm BBC3

We at VTA love Graham Norton and can’t wait to see this World Record attempt!!! Graham Norton will attempt to get into the World Book of Records for asking the most questions on a TV chat show…all in aid of Comic Relief! That’s a lot of questions and a lot of Norton and a lot of guests!! His guests include Ronnie Corbett, Sarah Millican, Jimmy Carr, Heston Blumenthal, Louis Smith, Frank Skinner and Terry Wogan and lots lots more who will be playing along!!! It’s going to lots of laughs and lots of on screen exhaustion!!!


How to get to Heaven with the Hutterites

Thursday 7th, 9pm, BBC2

One man’s isolated religious community is another man’s cult. This fascinating documentary suggests, the line between the two is often far from clear. Director Lynn Alleway spent four months with the Hutterites, an American sect whose dress sense, spiritual tradition and facial hair bear a passing resemblance to the Amish. Alleway probes gently at fault lines underpinning gender roles, a limited gene pool and the general, all-pervading sense of utter joylessness. And eventually, she manages a film that’s revealing, thought-provoking and even mildly poetic.


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