TV Pix Week 3rd June 2013

Mad Dogs
Tuesday 4th,9pm, Sky 1
Series three, episode one
Mad Dogs; Crazy, funny, unbelievable….but WE LOVE IT! The lads are now in prison in the middle of the desert! What will happen next? We really have no clue!!!!! This is the third and final series and we will be glued to our screens for it!

The Unspeakable Crime, Rape
Tuesday 4th, 10.35pm, BBC1
Set in Manchester at St Mary’s, the first sexual referral unit where specially trained staff counsel and support victims of rape as they seek justice and try to move on. Juliet and Kellie are the focal points of the documentary: the former was attacked while drunk on New Year’s Eve, while the latter is a sex worker with a history of drug use. This documentary is harrowing but it destigmatises the victims and champions the support work of this incredible unit.

D-Day as it Happens
Wednesday 5th, 9pm, C4
A 24 hour event chronicles the Normandy landings in real time across TV, mobile devices and the web. The idea is to bring to life the experiences of seven people who were at the heart of the invasion via the magic of twenty-first-century technology.  Tonight’s first programme will tell the backstories of the participants, among them a paratrooper, a submariner, a nurse and a cameraman. Twitter lover and professional enthusiast Jon Snow presents this enterprise which will conclude this time tomorrow.

Thursday 6th, 9pm, C5
Ridley and Tony Scott’s modernised retelling of Robin Cook’s thriller is spooky and keeps tensions high! Atlanta medical student Susan Wheeler (Lauren Ambrose of ‘Six Feet Under’) investigates why so many patients are falling into comas during routine operations – and what’s going on at the secretive medical facility to which they are then dispatched.  Ambrose’s performance keeps us on the edge of our seats always guessing which is involved in this shady affair!

The Pinned
Sunday 9th, 9pm, C4
A pinned and mounted butterfly comes alive. An old man looks surprised and alarmed to hear a knock at the door. And a bus full of children plunges over a cliff. But in the small Alpine village of this new French drama, all bets are off. The dead are returning. Not in a hysterical way – in the case of teenager Camille, it’s very matter of fact. She’s confused and tired but most of all, she’s hungry.  How will the bereaved families react? Mostly with confusion of their own.
It’s strange, outlandish but classy and weirdly believable! We are intrigued!

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