TV Pix Week 6th May 2013

The Following
We know this has featured once already, OK may be twice, on our TV Pix but it has been such a gripping series with the totally mesmerizing duo Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. Tonight we catch up with the final episode on Hulu and it is all going on!!!! Ryan walks into a trap, Debra running out of oxygen, Clare wakes up by the ocean, Joe, not so patiently, waiting for Ryan to show up….and the final confrontation…..who will win out. We can’t wait till the working day finishes and we can catch up later!

The Apprentice
Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th, 9pm, BBC1
Last season seemed to be running out of steam, predictable candidates, the usual task getting a bit stuffy and insufficiently varied. This season has seen a change in format with candidates having to volunteer for PM in the boardroom, better tasks and an all-round better casting. This year could see the programme return to it is entertaining, back stabbing, ridiculous incompetence that we have grown to love from this series over the years. Definitely worth a watch!

The Pavement Psychologist
Thursday 9th, 9pm, Sky Arts
We are loving this second series of Playhouse, an innovative thought provoking ensemble of short stories. We adore Edirs Elba! Put the two together and this is our absolute MUST watch for the week. The Pavement Psychologist is Elba’s writing and directing debut. This sexy psychological thriller takes us into the life of Jenny, a women looking for satisfaction! She is a private banker whose life is turned upside down by Chris, a broken man made homeless by a house fire which took the lives of his family. This is a stylish, urban fairytale of desire and frustration. Starring Anna Friel, Nonso Anozie and Steven Mackintoshwist.

Life of Crime
Friday 10th, 9pm, ITV
We loved the Ice cream girls and were at a bit of a loss when it ended until we saw the next ITV Friday night drama offering. Life of Crime is a three-part drama series about a policewoman who battles against sexism and prejudice as she rises through the ranks of an ever-changing force. In 1985 Denise Woods joins the Metropolitan Police, young and idealistic, this changes the night she meets 15 year old Amy Reid who is raped and killed the next day. The investigation hits a brick wall and Denise takes matter into her own hands.

British Television Academy Awards
Sunday 12th, 8pm, BBC1
This year British Television has given us some amazing and diverse programming. This year’s nominations includes, The London 2012 Olympics, Twenty Twenty, Super Saturday, Homeland, The Great British Bake Off, Games of Thrones, Call the Midwife and soooo much more. Glamour, Stars, red carpet, drama……. great Sunday night viewing!

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