TV Pix Week 27th May 2013

Britain’s got Talent
All this week starting at 7.30 Monday, ITV
It’s our turn to say who goes and who stays!!!! A whole week of judges, laughs and cringes and lots of entertainment. We can’t wait!! Watch al the action live on or of course on catch up! Who’s your favourite?

Edward, The Lion King
Monday 28th, 9pm, C4
This fantastic documentary focusses on the infamous Edward VIII, but it focuses on the lesser known exploits of the Prince in Africa and his passion for conservation. He was appalled by the routine slaughter of African safaris, so he exchanged the gun for a camera and began documenting the Serengeti and successfully campaigning to establish a national park there. A compelling look into the dying decades of African colonialism which unarguably casts new light on this familiar monarch!

Words of Everest
Tuesday 28th, 10.35pm, ITV
This documentary tells the dramatic tales of two expeditions, 29 years apart and with very different outcomes. The wise words of Edmund Hillary and the doomed George Mallory and the words of those around them are brought vividly to life by actors such as Hohn Hannah and Jason Flemming, with dramatic camera footage really transports us into the drama…. so much more than just a documentary its really is a must watch for anybody who has even a passing interest.

The Iraq War
Wednesday 29th, 9pm, BBC2
Episode one
‘Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.’ This sentence, spoken by George W Bush, introduces this three-part series covering the build-up, hostilities and aftermath of the war in Iraq. No nuance, no possibility of compromise, no shades of grey; just an absolute, pig-headed determination to manipulate the facts to fit a particular agenda.
‘The Iraq War’ is a product of the Brook-Lapping stable, also responsible for ‘The Death of Yugoslavia’ and ‘Iran and the West’, among other landmark series. And, in the customary Brook-Lapping style, its strength is its thoroughness. All the heavy hitters are here, from Cheney to Blair; from Kurdish generals to Iraqi security ministers.
Tonight’s episode focuses on the dodgy dossiers, 45-minute warnings and ‘cheese-eating surrender-monkeys’ of the war’s birth pangs.

The Americans
Saturday 1st June, 10pm, ITV
Series one, episode one
This is a gripping thriller takes us into the lives of two married spies; Philip and Elizabeth Jennings (Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell) who have been undercover in the States for almost two decades, juggling Kremlin diktats with two kids and suburban family life. Then Philip’s loyalties begin to waver, especially when an FBI agent (Noah Emmerich) moves in over the road and a game of cat and mouse begins…
The balance of tension, melodrama and action is well-judged, while the era is effectively evoked without being fetishised. Missing Homeland then this is one to watch this week!

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