TV Pix Week 20th May 2013

The Fall
Monday 20th, 9pm, BBC 2
Fantastically strange disturbing drama where you see the dark handsome, highly functional, normal, alluring but frightening murderer from the start then along comes Dana Scully, sorry Gillian Anderson, hard, cold hearted with an English accent, piecing together the very small amount of information to find him before he strikes again! We are drawn to each of the characters, whilst showing us exactly what, how and why the killer works, lives and kills while the cops wait for the next bit of evidence to help them piece together everything we already know! Monday is the second episode catch up with last weeks and make this a must watch for this week.

Branded a Witch
Monday 20th, 9pm, BBC3
Democratic Republic is tough, civil war, poverty, disease and now Pastors encouraging their flock to blame the troubles on their young by accusing them of witchcraft if they wet their bed or have nightmares. Of course ‘deliverance’ is offered but for a price! This documentary is brought to us by London raised, Congo born, Kevani Kanda, whose own cousin has been ostracised because of witchcraft claims. This is a shocking watch which seems to be travelling further where family members are exorcised and even murdered….this documentary may well stay with you for days.

Tuesday 21st, 9pm, BBC1
Bored of tall the hard hitting complex dramas on our screens at the moment? Want to watch something a little more twee but still good quality then Frankie is for you. This six-parter follows the life of a district nurse juggling her own problems with those of her patients. Tonight’s second episode sees the headstrong Frankie (Eve Myles) dealing with the discovery of her boyfriend’s infidelity, whilst continuing to become personally involved in the lives of her patients.

Clare Balding’s Secrets of a Suffragette
Sunday 26th, 9pm, C4
A slight woman steps out in front of the king’s horse at the 1913 Derby and is sent head over heels to her death. But did Emily Davison really mean to target that horse, and was it genuinely intended as a suicide mission to drive the Suffragette cause forward?
Clare Balding makes a decent fist of uncovering Davison’s motives. She certainly does her homework, using snazzy new technology to reconcile different newsreel footage, researching newly uncovered evidence and enduring a slightly painful lunch with her own bluff, conservative family of horse-lovers (who think Davison was mad). One hundred years on, it’s hard now to believe the violence employed on both sides, and Balding’s incredulity at all the brutality brings the history to compelling life.

Case histories
Sunday 26th, 8.30pm, BBC1
This Kate Atkinson style of writing and storytelling is captured perfectly in Emily Ballou’s screen play….this whodunit drama of an initially straight forward case of adultery takes a sinister turn for PI Brodie (Jason Isaacs). This is a definite must for all Crime drama lovers, a warm emotional drama brilliantly acted leaving the viewer very satisfied!

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